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About Ms Zarling

If you need to contact me, please call (253)800-8379 or email me at

I am the counselor for last names L-Z at Frontier Middle School. This is my 7th year here.

I grew up in Renton and went to Western Washington University. I got a
BA in History and became a high school teacher. I also met my husband in
teaching school.

Right after college, my husband and I decided we wanted to teach in a
different state. We got jobs in Salinas, CA and lived in Monterey, which is
still my favorite place I have ever lived. I taught high school history and
government. After 2 years there, we decided we missed our families too much
and we moved back to Washington.

We moved back to Kingston, WA. My husband taught at Bainbridge High
School and I taught at Olympic High School. After a year, I decided to go
back to school to get my Masters in Social Work so I could work with
students in a different way. My husband decided to get his Masters in
School Administration.

During this time, my husband got a job as an Assistant Principal at the
middle school he went to as a kid in Lakewood. I had my daughter, Harper.
We also moved to Tacoma.

I stayed home with Harper for about a year and then became a counselor in
Clover Park SD, working in the EBD rooms helping students with high
emotional needs.

Once Harper was old enough for Pre-K, we decided we wanted to try
something different. We moved to the country of Trinidad in the Caribbean.
I taught 6th grade Humanities and Photography. My husband was the
principal of the middle school. We had a great time living on a tropical
island. The temp never got below 85. We spent a lot of time at the beach
and fell in love with Trini food. But yet again, we missed home.

We moved back to Tacoma in 2014. My husband became a principal in
Lakewood again and I got this job working at Frontier. Since then, my
husband has gotten his PhD in Educational Leadership; I am very proud of
him. My daughter is now in 7th grade at the school my husband is principal
currently, Mason Middle School.

We have 2 dogs: Cleo (beagle/doxie mix) and Henry (basset hound).

We have a cabin on Hood Canal that we spend almost every weekend and I
stay at all summer. We have spent a lot of time there since Covid started. I
am happiest when I am sitting on my deck there with people I love in front
of a bonfire under the stars.